THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will visit Kerala on February 14 ahead of Lok Sabha elections, BJP State Spokesman MS Kumar said.


The UP Chief Minister will address booth level party workers from Kollam, Aattingal and Thiruvananthapuram at a function to be held in Pathanamthitta district on the day.


"Yogi will also attend a meeting of Sakthi Kendra in-charges and Page in-charges on the day. About 25,000 booth level workers are expected to attend the party meet," he added.


BJP National President Amit Shah will reach Palakkad on February 22 to address Sakthi Kendra in-charges of Alathur, Ponnani, Malappuram Lok Sabha seats.


"Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address booth level workers all over the country through a video conference on February 28," he added.


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As the Lok sabha elections nears, all the parties are heating their heads on deciding the best candidates for each of the constituencies. All the eyes are on the state capital constituency Thiruvanathapuram.

The undeafated champion Sashi tharoor, who has won the seat both the times he contested is the only name from the UDF list where as LDF couldn’t find the right candidate to win back their old forte after Panniyan Rveendran has stopped contesting. Annie Raja and Kannayaa Kumar are some of the names under considerationThe previous election remains as a terrible memory for them where they finishes 3rd even behind BJP.

While Tharoor is the face of national congress, the BJP counts on the ‘believers’ hoping that their attempts to support them on the shabarimala issues would earn them a seat. K SURENDRAN who  is a popular leader may try his chances on this constituency after BJP’S O RAJAGOPAL. Discussion were even made to bring Actor Mohanlal to the arena which he politely declined.  As the discussions and strategies get heatened up in every corner of the state, Kerala welcomes another election season and is prepared to make their choices

KOTTAYAM: The church revokes the transfer of four nuns who belong to the Kuruvilangad convent, Kottayam for allegedly campaigning against former Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal accused of sexually assaulting a nun in the state.

Bishop Angelo, Apostolic administrator in charge of congregation has written a letter to 5 sisters protesting against Franco Mulakkal. The letter reads, "There will be no move from Diocese of Jalandhar to oust you from Kuravilangad Church as long as you are needed for the court case."

The nuns had received their transfer orders from the Missionaries of Jesus Congregation in March 2018, months after they had complained at several forums within the church against the Bishop Franco Mulakkal. The nuns refused to accept the directives even after reminders.

However, the church revoked their transfer orders on Friday, a day before the nuns were to take to the streets for the second round of their protest.

The nuns announced the development at the protest venue in Kottayam as they demanded justice for the nun.

The nuns had earlier protested near Kerala High Court in September last year.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal is accused of raping a nun on 14 occasions from May 5, 2014, to May 6, 2016, at the St Francis Mission Home in Kuruvilangad.

Father Kuriakose Kattuthara - their colleague - was found dead at a church in Hoshiarpur's Dasuya in October last year, months after he deposed against the bishop in the rape case.

Kochi: Kudumbashree products, which come from women entrepreneurs in various parts of Kerala, are now available on In a test run, five products are being sold on Amazon, and the first order has already come from Himachal Pradesh.

S Harikishore, executive director of Kudumbashree, says that soon there will be 100 non-food products on the online shopping site, after an MoU is signed towards the end of the month. The items sold include beauty products, oils, soaps and handicrafts. 

The products come from women who make them at home throughout the state, and are known for their authenticity and purity. “We started our own portal about a year ago. There are 450 products there from 200 entrepreneurs. We had taught them everything from receiving the orders online and packing the products and taking it to the nearest post office. We have a tie up with the post office,” Harikishore says.

Kudumbashree came into existence more than 20 years ago as a woman empowerment and poverty eradication programme of the state government. Their products have been traditionally sold through fairs and festivals, and were later sold at home shops, community marketing networks where products were taken directly to households of consumers. Harikishore says it’s being done effectively in Kozhikode and Kannur districts and will soon be fully implemented in the other districts.

A third way to market the products has been through permanent Kudumbashree stalls, which are installed across the state. “And now, the fourth way is online marketing. When we launched our portal last year, we were not able to market it properly. That’s how we thought of displaying it in places such as Amazon which are strong in marketing. We would also be having new online marketing plans.”

Amazon had asked for a slight change in the system – the products should be available at a central store rather than multiple homes from where the entrepreneurs pack it themselves. Harikishore’s office in Thiruvananthapuram is now the central store where the products are stored. 




THRISSUR: Forest department has banned Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran from appearing on poorams and other festivals. Ramchandran, brought for an house warming function ran amok, had killed two elderly people at nearby Kottapady on Friday.

"Thechikottukavu Ramachandran", the tallest elephant in the state, was standing at the congested compound of the new house overflowing with people, when the animal ran out. As people ran helter-skelter in panic, two of them were trampled near the house, police said. The house owner was said to be a member of the managing committee of a nearby temple, where the elephant had been brought for a festival later Friday.

Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran will face the ban for fifteen days. The forest department has taken the stand that the elephant will be allowed to appear for festivals only after submitting a medical report by experts. Ramachandran is owned by Thechikkottukavu temple and it has five mahouts.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: On the appeal of Kunjananthan, the 13th convict of T P Chandrasekharan murder case to grand parole due to his deteriorating health conditions, the high court of Kerala criticized the Government for granting him  continuous parole.

“Kunjanandan can continue his treatment at the medical college. There is no requirement that he should be discontinued from his jail terms for this purpose. He also can have a bystander with him to seek help of any kind. It is the duty of the government to provide treatment for the prisoners.” said the court.

The court postponed considering the case. The government had informed the court that immediate treatment is needed for him as he has serious health issues.