Shashi Tharoor back to fight, BJP targets the believers.


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: As the Lok sabha elections nears, all the parties are heating their heads on deciding the best candidates for each of the constituencies. All the eyes are on the state capital constituency Thiruvanathapuram.

The undeafated champion Sashi tharoor, who has won the seat both the times he contested is the only name from the UDF list where as LDF couldn’t find the right candidate to win back their old forte after Panniyan Rveendran has stopped contesting. Annie Raja and Kannayaa Kumar are some of the names under considerationThe previous election remains as a terrible memory for them where they finishes 3rd even behind BJP.

While Tharoor is the face of national congress, the BJP counts on the ‘believers’ hoping that their attempts to support them on the shabarimala issues would earn them a seat. K SURENDRAN who  is a popular leader may try his chances on this constituency after BJP’S O RAJAGOPAL. Discussion were even made to bring Actor Mohanlal to the arena which he politely declined.  As the discussions and strategies get heatened up in every corner of the state, Kerala welcomes another election season and is prepared to make their choices