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"Superman Vision" Flying Off Shelves


95% of American households are not ready for emergency preparedness because ordinary flashlights simply do not output enough light. The truth is, the typical flashlight is a decades-old technology with a very limited range of sight that is dangerous in an emergency situation.

Many police officers, firefighter, hunters, campers, and military forces know just how mission critical having a powerful, tactical flashlight can be for survival. Regular flashlights are weak, halogen-based devices that are too easily broken, heavy and are too dim for modern standards.

Just released to the public, a new and powerful tactical military flashlight called the X700™ utilizes military-grade technology that was previously used by elite US NAVY Seals.

The X700™ police style flashlight is made of indestructible aircraft aluminum and is capable of a massive 700 lumens of light that can be seen from miles away.

It features a "Light Beam" feature (as seen in the actual photo above) that produces a light so powerful that it can turn a pitch-black night to daylight with the flick of a switch. An "SOS mode" can be activated to signal for help and the "Strobe mode" can temporarily disorient and blind a threat.

In the event of a natural or economic disaster, the X700™ LED Tactical Flashlight will prove to be an indispensable tool for people to save their family and loved ones.

The X700™ has announced a limited-time 75% discount for new customers today only while supplies last… The X700™ Flashlight may be facing a stock shortage due to massive orders from the U.S. Military, Police, Fire Departments in and shoppers in Tamil Nadu.