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"Technology under-used in solving social issues"- says Ex ISRO chief


AS Kiran Kumar, the former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, criticized the act of under-utilizing technology to solve social issues. During a speech at the convocation ceremony at Shivaji University, he said that it is "significantly under-explored" in the field of solving social dilemma through technology.

He also mentioned, during his speech, that new technologies have facilitated people to address challenges, create new information sources, networks, communities and social interaction. "While powerful technologies are evolving on one side, society is facing issues with respect to availability of natural resources and energy on the other side. Exploiting technology to provide solutions to social issues still remains significantly under explored," the former ISRO chief said.

Kiran kumar said about the future projects as to Chandrayaan 2 and Aditya L1, during the ceremony.